Robert Renfroe "Bob" Riley
    Former US Rep for the Third Congressional District and Governor of

    A little-known document shows that McCain may have taken
    steps to protect his Republican colleagues from the scope of his

    In the 2006 Senate report concerning Abramoff's activities,
    which McCain spearheaded, the Arizona Republican
    conspicuously left out information detailing how Alabama Gov.
    Bob Riley [benefited from] Abramoff's influence peddling
    scheme. Riley, a Republican, won election in November 2002,
    and was reelected in 2006.

    In a December 2002 email .... which McCain and his staff had
    access to prior to the issuance of his report -- Abramoff explains
    to an aide what he would like to see Riley do in return for the
    "help" he received from Abramoff's tribal clients.

    An official with the Mississippi Choctaws "definitely wants Riley to
    shut down the Poarch Creek operation," Abramoff wrote,
    "including his announcing that anyone caught gambling there
    can't qualify for a state contract or something like that."

    The note showed not only the reach of Abramoff, but raised
    questions about Riley's victory in what was the closest
    gubernatorial election in Alabama history.
    Indeed, as the Associated Press noted in 2006, McCain stayed
    deliberately agnostic as to Riley's involvement.

    As for the governor's opposition to gambling, Riley's press
    secretary said he has "consistently [opposed gambling] before
    he decided to run for governor and since. Anyone who would
    suggest his long-standing opposition to gambling is tied to
    anything other than personal conviction would be mistaken."

    Robert Renfroe "Bob" Riley (born October 3, 1944) is the
    current Governor of Alabama, first elected in 2002, and re-
    elected during the 2006 mid-term election.

    Riley was born in Ashland, Alabama, where his family ranched
    and farmed for six generations. Riley attended the University of
    Alabama, graduating with a degree in business administration.
    Riley is married to Patsy Adams Riley, also from Ashland. The
    couple have three children and seven grandchildren.

    Riley served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1996 to

    The Riley's were proud of their rapport with Karl Rove at the
    time that he decided to run for Governor of Alabama. In fact,
    Rove is responsible for a gubernatorial make-over.  Rove was
    the man who stressed to Riley the value of his Reagan-esque
    appearance. Riley began to wear $3,000 crocodile boots and be
    photographed riding a horse. (Before the make-over, Riley used
    to wear hushpuppies and pennyloafers.)[4]

    Riley ran for Governor of Alabama in 2002 and defeated the
    Democratic incumbent, Don Siegelman, by the narrowest margin
    in Alabama history. A voting machine "malfunction" showed
    Siegelman winning the election, but the after-midnight altered
    totals of the votes cast in Baldwin County gave Riley the victory.

    In November 2005, Riley was linked to the Jack Abramoff
    scandal when his former Congressional press secretary, Michael
    Scanlon, pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the matter. It further
    emerged that, as a Congressman, Riley signed a letter on
    behalf of the U.S. Family Network, opposing expansion of casino
    gambling in Alabama.[2] The U.S. Family Network was revealed
    to be an Abramoff front, funded by the Mississippi Band of
    Choctaw Indians, which operated competing casinos.[1]

    Recently,  a congressional hearing on "Allegations of Selective
    Prosecution" included testimony in its research that named Rob
    Riley, Bob Riley's son, as a co-conspirator in an effort to use the
    judiciary to defeat Siegelman. The investigation is on going. [5]

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Governor Bob Riley

Governor Riley ran on an
anti-gambling and anti-corruption
platform against Siegelman in
2002. Questions are now being
raised about his integrity in these
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