“Pardon Siegelman” asks 100 AGs, Reported by NPR

New Hope!

Student Reporter Allison Mollenkamp writes “There may be new hope for former Alabama governor Don Siegelman. 100 former state attorneys general are pushing for the former governor’s release.”

She reports on Alabama Public Radio that 100 former Attorneys General are petitioning President Obama to pardon Don on the grounds that his prosecution was politically motivated.

Read/listen to Allison’s program at Alabama Public Radio’s All Things Considered.

Perversion of Justice

An Anniston Star editorial quotes the letter from the former state attorneys general as saying: “Although nine years have passed, Gov. Siegelman’s unjust conviction continues to eat away at the integrity of the justice system. . . . Many legal scholars as well as the public at large believe that the prosecution of Gov. Siegelman was a perversion of justice.” The letter was delivered to the White House on Wednesday, April 13.

We urge President Obama to heed the letter from the bipartisan collection of former prosecutors and pardon Don Siegelman.

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In The Media?

If you are in the media and you wish to post something about the AG’s petition to President Obama for a Pardon for Don Siegelman, contact Pam Miles for more information.

Mimi says: Call the White House! It Helps!

Mimi Kennedy, star of the CBS hit sitcom MOM, emailed us that :

Omigod I just called the Comments Line and the man who answered asked a few questions, and I spelled Don’s name and gave a short summary (mentioning Rove’s name in the end.)

He said “Get all your friends to do this too. It really helps when it gets up to the White House.”

I said I would. “Let me get off the phone so I can circulate this and post it!” And he laughed and said, “I’m trying, I’m trying! Have a good day.”

At any rate he said “Call, it helps!”



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About Friends of Siegelman

Friends of Siegleman is a group of volunteers who are composed of family, friends, and colleagues of the former Alabama Governor, Don Siegelman. We believe that he was unjustly politically prosecuted.