Don’s Last Winter Holiday in Prison!

Good News for the New Year!

Donations tallied! We raised over $8,000!

After a total of 10 days collecting donations, the contributions been tallied and the matching has occurred. Thanks to our 53 donors, and our friend who matched the donations, we have netted $8,740!

We also want to thank everyone who assisted in sending out the requests for donations & posted the donor appeals on social media.

You have helped make this a truly Happy New Year for Don Siegelman, his family and many supporters.

News Year’s Greeting from Don in Oakdale

Hope for 2017

Here’s to a great year for us and, God willing, humanity!

There is always hope, so I’m optimistic.

China gives me hope by not encouraging the killing of elephants for their tusks; this is an answer to one of my nightly prayers.
I know it sounds kind of childlike to be praying for elephants, zebras, Silverback gorillas and Rhinos, lions like “Cecil”, but years in prison changed how I value all life now.

I welcome the ceasefire and peace talks in Syria, because it gives me hope that the refugees, those suffering children who have recently fled Aleppo, may find relief from the slaughter they would surely face without a peace process and the eyes of the world upon them.

Of course, I am looking forward to a new year personally so that my friends, who have worked so hard for me, and my family may get to spend more time on themselves instead of helping “Free Don”.

I hope you enjoyed greeting the New Year, celebrating, the cheers, bottoms up, the fireworks. I hope you had one for me.

I look forward to seeing you soon in this new year,

Don Siegelman

About Friends of Siegelman

Friends of Siegleman is a group of volunteers who are composed of family, friends, and colleagues of the former Alabama Governor, Don Siegelman. We believe that he was unjustly politically prosecuted.