Print Media

The Siegelman Case in Magazines, Books, Newspapers


Print media coverage of the Siegelman Case included magazines like TIME, books like Capitol Punishment by Jack Abramoff and articles like the editorial, “Is it bribery of just politics?” by George Will, in newspapers like the Washington Post.


Media Highlights 2007-2015


08/06 NYT – Editorial – Selective Prosecution

08/06 Harper’s No Comment – Scott Horton The Pork Barrel World of Judge Mark Fuller

10/23 Law Professor Blogs Network – Ellen Podgor – Selective Prosecution Hearing

10/24 You Tube – TMP – House Judiciary Committee hearing, October 23 2007 – Siegelman Lawyer Testifies about DoJ Intervention


04/11 – The Brad Blog – Former AL Gov. Don Siegelman Says Media Ignoring Details of His ‘Electronically Stolen’ 2002 Election

04/21 – YouTube – MSNBC – Verdict with Dan Abrams – Dan Abrams Responds to Karl Rove


01/16 – – diarist: cabaretic – Don Siegelman: The Wrong Cause for the Wrong Reason


Journalists For the Birmingham News

Mary Orndorff – later hired by AP

Dana Beyerle for Montgomery Bureau (AP?)